Enter some dummy text fast in MS Word

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How can I enter some dummy text fast

Enter some dummy text fast in MS Word

This is a tip which I use all the time and it's really useful whenever you want to try something out in Word.

You don't want to experiment on your real documents, so try this to give you some dummy text whenever you want.

At the start of a new line, type this:


And press the Enter key.

Word puts in three paragraphs, each of which contains five sentences of "The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog". If the sentence seems familiar, it's generally used in typing training, because it contains every letter of the alphabet.

You can modify this procedure as follows:

=rand(10,1) will give you 10 paragraphs, each with one sentence.
=rand(5,10) will give you 5 paragraphs, each with 10 sentences and so on.



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