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How can I quickly zoom in and out?

A zappy zooming tip in Visio

Save time fiddling about with either the magnifying glasses or the % zoom button on the toolbar in Visio.

Hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys and click the left mouse button to zoom in and the right mouse button to zoom out.

How can I return to a full page view?

Return to a full page view in an instant in Visio

If you've zoomed in (or out) in Visio and want to get back to a full page view, simply hold down the Ctrl key and press W.

How can I reactivate the pointer?

Reactivate the pointer in Visio

When you use the Connector, Text, Line, Rectangle or rotation tools from the toolbar in Visio, whichever tool you use remains active until you click it again, or click on the pointer tool. To reactivate the pointer, hold down Ctrl and press 1.

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