Uses for the F9 key in Excel

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What does the F9 key do?

Uses for the F9 key in Excel

In Excel the F9 key calculates all the sheets in all open workbooks.

Shift - F9 calculates the active worksheet.

Ctrl - F9 minimises the active workbook.



7/19/2011 11:38:23 AM
Bill Weitzel said:

I had a columns of formulae with relative values, for example, e1=10, e2=e1/2, e3=e2/2, and so on. The formula was pasted into dozens of cells going down. e2 said 1/2, as it should. But so did e3, e4, e5 and so on. When I clicked into any cell outside the column, then pressed F9, the values changed into what they should be. I pasted the formula into even more cells going down. Their values were all the same number, until I pressed F9 again; then they showed as they should. I have no idea why this worked. I got the idea to press F9 from another web site, on an unrelated problem. I have this problem with Excel every few weeks and don't know what I'm doing wrong.


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